Samdi is this kind of place.

The formal title of Samdi is Gwangju Youth Creative Hub. samdi, supported by Gwangju City, is a specialized youth facility which operates
in cooperation with Chonnam National University, Gwangju YMCA, and Haja Center.
In an era of high unemployment and low growth, there is a demand for youth that have an al-encompassing and multifunctional
capability of reacting sensitively to changes in their environment. Therefore, rather than acquiring simple work experience, youth must
be able to continuously learn and renew their skills based on what life presents to them. In other words, youth need a space that will help
them develop their ability to approach their lives afresh with creative intention.
For this reason, our center has constructed a program for Gwangju’s youth that will help individuals become a fashionable life-designer
and social-designer that can beautifully mold society. In essence, samdi develops a career program that is centralized on future core competencies. In order to acquire these competencies, samdi’s programs are founded upon learning, relationships, and a career model based on one’s own creativity.

Introduction of samdi’s Symbol.

After long consideration and observation of the character “Life” (삶), samdi’s Byuri put meaning to the consonant and vowel of this character.

ㅅ stands for ‘Person’
ㄹ stands for ‘Path’
ㅁ stands for ‘Heart’

In life, one encounters, people, a path, heart, in addition to living. 삶(Life).
What do your eyes and heart see?

At samdi We address people differently.

At samdi we have started to create and form free and equal relationships through a culture of nicknames and titles.
We call the branches who act as the framework for samdi’s work and writings “Byuri.”
samdi’s Staff bear the name “Byuri” (벼리) as people who wish to work together to set samdi’s framework and flesh out its operations.
As samdi we are resolved to always carry warm-hearted empathy and sharp self-examination in every affair, with time and preciseness.
In addition, youth that fully use their time and space for themselves at samdi are called “Nori” (노리). Also, We call “Gori”(고리) for the third adults who connect with diverse world ??. Language is analogous to a seed. With this hope, this seed will grow.

Main Program Introduction

  • One-day Experience Class(일들의사전프로젝트)
    First-hand experience talking and learning from practitioners of various alternative professions (cooking, beat boxing, etc.)
  • samdi Space(스페이스삶디)
    • Creation of Youth-Professor partnerships through small group meetings
  • Everyone’s Lunch(모두의점심)
    • Downtown community meal
  • Free-Semester Connection Project(자유학기제)
    • Theater Performance, Rap, Gesture Workshop

Introduction to Gwangju Youth Creative Hub Space

6F – Recording Studio│Dance Studio
5F – Lalala Hole│Ensemble Room
4F – Workroom│a seminar room
3F – Workspace│Staff Office│Activity Support Office
2F – Open Book Room│ Public Desks│Mini Theater│Everybody’s Kitchen
1F – Salim(housework) Studio(fabric, sewing, up-cycling etc) │ Cafe Crickendi for the Environment
B1 – Life Woodwork Studio


Gwangju Buk-gu Jungang-ro 160beongil 31-37 (61483)

* Due to the difficult nature of parking at samdi, using public transportation or parking nearby is recommended.
* Samdi Center does not use disposable products. Bringing a travel mug or mug would be much appreciated.

Samdi Contact Information